We Promote Joy, Personal Growth and Social Good

What is SO LArMAR?

A new Cultural Action Center coming to South Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas.

The center will radiate with the many talents of the participants.

That is why it is named SO LArMAR.

SO LArMAR Purpose and Vision

  • We promote joy through integration of personal growth and social good opportunities using our unique individual talents to connect to each other and our community.
  • Our vision is a caring and actively involved culture in Austin and beyond.
  • SO LArMAR "Advocates" may volunteer to serve  in social good opportunitities by visiting the Advocates page.

SO LArMAR Mission

  • Provide outstanding resources for personal, intellectual and artistic growth for individuals and their families.  
  • Provide opportunities to participate in social good projects and provide continuous feedback on results.  
  • Provide affordable multi-purpose conference facilities for meetings and events.  
  • Support very small scale retail shops.  
  • Provide affordable office space for small businesses.  
  • Promote awareness of clean energy.